Selling the right seat?

Often I'm asked if my company would allow a low-time pilot to sit in the right seat of our C208B during a non scheduled(135) chartered flight out to the Bahamas?
This is an excellent way to gather valuable flight time in a real world environment and 'yes' we do allow right seat riders space permitting.
All you need is a valid US passport, pilot license,headset and your basically all set. Remember that you can only log the part 91 leg and in most cases the average trip out to the Bahamas has at least one.
As far as actual IMC time in the Bahamas, well .. don't count on it, even the worst weather days in the Island's would be considered 'clear and a million' to most experienced pilots. You will however get an 'MBA' in radar use and how pilots communicate with ATC to avoid convective weather. This my friends is worth its weight in gold and will go along way in raising your comfort level when the weather goes down!
On the bright side you will see why year after year so many people flock to the Bahama out Island's.

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