PT6A-114A .. This bares repeating !! CLICK HERE

Its time we all sat down and had a long talk about the PT6 again! Of all the things that I've seen done in the Caravan over the years ... the one thing I notice time and time again is the lack of knowledge in regard to the RATING PHILOSOPHY of the PT6A-114A ......  if your not sure what I'm talking about , you need to read this guide and start understanding it. Its one thing if you are flying your C208 in the land of the 'Giant PX' and another if your over open ocean or someplace that you might end up staring in your own You Tube(hostage)video ... I think you get the drift.
Just a few quick pointers.... on what NOT to do.
#1 .... you do not set power by using the Fuel Flow Indicator
#2 .... you do not use ITT to set power
#3 .... you do not use NG% to set power

Now start reading!

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