Pulling the Prop Back ...

I'm always a little fascinated by the number of guys that I fly with that seem to be flying the C208B .. well lets just say a little 'wrote'. If your wondering what I might be getting around to with that, how many of you have pulled the prop lever back to 1600 rpms or how about 1750 ? Did you think that if you pulled it off 1900 the trend monitor would record an event? Or better yet .. how many of you guys and gals have tried landing with 10 degrees flaps lately.. or even worse .. ZERO flaps? Maybe you thought tiny little FAA fairies would pop up in the grass as you pulled off the runway and rip up your medical .. or you might mysteriously receive a 'two year' warning letter in your mailbox for not turning off both fuel selectors after shutdown.
If this isn't you, stop reading. If it is .. well.. it's time we talk.

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