Setting Power In the C208B ...

Why is it that I find myself confronted repeatedly with Caravan pilots that seem to have NO concept of how to use the Pratt & Whitney PT6A-114A or any Turbine for that matter? What's even more entertaining is the fact that most of these 'pilots in question' will still stick to their story under repeated scrutiny.
I think we need to cut straight to the point .... No, you do not use % of NG to set your power!
If your NG is any where near 101.6% in cruise, you should be worried.
If ITT is anywhere near 740 or more in cruise, well thats not good. Besides the fact that they are both just plain old WRONG!!
Your power is set by Outside Air Temperature, Altitude and aircraft weight ... it's in your POH! Maybe we need to start calling it - Idiots Guide to Flying the Cessna Caravan or Flying the Cessna Caravan for Dummies.
Remember that ALL OTHER engine parameters are only monitored to verify they are within acceptable limits !
The Idiots Guide .. um.. I mean the POH has it all spelled out .


  1. I drive N171CC, the old factory demonstrator, and I can tell you that with the G1000, power setting becomes even more idiot proof, just follow the blue bug! I enjoyed your website, Caravan is a great bird, my personal favorite!

  2. Thanks!! I have yet to fly in a G1000 but I hear that they are very cool!
    If you are ever in Florida let me know .. I'll get some pic's or video and will put you on the blog! DP

  3. I live at Leeward Air Ranch (FD04) in Ocala! Airplane is based at Dunnellon (X35) for now until a new hangar can be built out at Leeward to accommodate the big girl! We will have to meet up some time! Not to many guys out there using Van's for personal use! Great minds think a like I guess!

  4. Not quite as personal as I would like ... but almost!!
    All of the aircraft in my video's are managed (135) N208CX is owned by a yacht builder who also owns an island called Spanish Cay.
    Have you flown her out to the Bahamas yet?