Cessna Grand Caravan Missing After Flight Over Nasca Lines

Cessna plane reported missing after flight over Peru's Nasca lines
Isabel Guerra

Cessna plane missing after flight over Nasca lines, in PeruA small Cessna plane with eight tourists flying over Peru's Nasca lines went missing earlier this morning.

Goretti Llamosas, a spokersperson from the operating company Aerodiana, told Radio Capital that they are flying over the area and have not found the aircraft yet.

The police has not ruled out the possibility of a robbery or a hijack, because the plane is equipped with a GPS device that emits a signal when an accident takes place, and that signal has not been detected yet.

The Cessna Grand Caravan, identified with license number OB-1922P, can carry 15 passengers, was piloted by Gaston Curto and Jorge Rios, and was expected to land at 8:15 a.m., reports

The passengers, all Peruvian, are Francisco Curto (pilot), Jorge Ríos Pérez (co-pilot), and passengers Víctor Meza Alvarez (49), Alberto Prado Sarmiento (28), Daniel Gutiérrez Cossío (32), David Quispe Oré (53), Daniel Gamboa Sanchez (40), Edgardo Lévano Félix (38) and Sandra Aburto León (30).

However, the police reports that three passengers may have used false ID cards, which makes suspicions grow.

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