Blackhawk Unveils Caravan Engine Upgrade

Blackhawk Modifications, the leading provider of engine upgrades for turbine powered aircraft, unveiled the newest member of their family of engine upgrades at EAA in Oshkosh. The 850 SHP Pratt & Whitney PT6A-42A engine delivers new life to the already venerable Grand Caravan by introducing an additional 175 SHP in all phases of flight. Certification is expected in the fourth quarter of 2009.
Jim Allmon, President and CEO of Blackhawk Modifications, was pleased with the results of this engineering milestone in the certification process for the new PT6A-42A upgrade. “The takeoff distances are remarkably lower with new climb performance that will exceed an operator’s expectations! This engine is a game-changer for the ‘workhorse’ Caravan – now it’s a powerhouse performer with incredible flexibility.”
“Pratt & Whitney’s continuous 850 SHP factory-new engine says it all in terms of reliability,” Allmon continued. “Blackhawk is proud to have teamed up successfully with Pratt once again.”
Director of Engineering Corey Eckhart was enthusiastic after piloting the first test flight. “The performance numbers exceeded our expectations especially when considering the ISA +25 day during the first flight. I can’t wait to see what this engine will do at standard temperatures. As a pilot, it’s a good feeling to know there are greater safety margins across the board with this new engine.”
Blackhawk has the largest non OEM engine contract in force with Pratt & Whitney. The engines are priced based on the Pratt exchange program and generous credit is issued for time remaining to overhaul on core PT6A-114/A engines.
Hot day performance numbers are better than originally anticipated.
• Takeoff distances are reduced by approximately 45 %.
• Climb rate doubles and uses half the fuel.
• Less fuel burn at original Caravan power settings (20 lbs per hour).
• Max cruise speeds 35 to 40 KTAS faster.
• Over 300 lb increased gross weight kit (9,062 lbs) 

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