Big Trouble In The Land Of The Midnight Sun

I know its easy for me to sit in front of the computer and spit-ball accidents, but come on!
Having flown 135 in Southeast Alaska, the first thing I have to say is that I never had the pleasure of flying with a finer group of pilots. If you ever heard someone say, "I'd let my family fly with that guy" this applys to every one of the guys that I flew with in Juneau. With that said, check out this link and let me know your thoughts ?
I have never been in a Beech 18 although every one I've ever seen down in Florida is Junk.
I've got tons of time in the "Six" and I can't think of a more docile single ..
And my baby , the C208 .. Well outside of the nice action shots for this dudes facebook page, all I can say here is that they might want to find a guy with a little more time in type ....

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