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Second Suit Filed Against Cessna

Two families have filed suit against Cessna Aircraft, Jones v Cessna (No. 07-CV-01908 RAJ), for deaths arising from the October 7 airplane crash near White Pass in the Washington Cascades where a pilot and nine passengers were killed.

The suits allege that Cessna Aircraft Company was aware of major defects with the Cessna 208B including poor performance in icy conditions and a miscalibrated stall-warning system -- errors that many believe contributed to this fatal crash.

Dean Brett of Brett & Coats is representing families of the two crash victims along with the Nolan Law Group, a Chicago aviation law firm which is also handling several other national and international Cessna Caravan crashes. Brett explained that the Cessna 208 B is primarily used as a freight carrier from small cities, and while it typically operates well in good weather, it should never have been certified to fly into icing conditions.
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For the sake of full disclosure, I think lawsuits like this one are complete bull shit.
I know I've been hard on a few people lately, but ... drop zone operations and complete disregard for the POH, go "hand in hand" at least from my experience.
The only 208 I've ever seen with a hole blown through the turbine was at a DZ.
I'm not saying that this was the reason but then again , maybe I am .
This guy had very little IFR time in an excellent IFR aircraft. From the sounds of things, the pilot was also apprehensive.
I'm sure he knew the flight was a "roll of the dice" and although I know a lot of us may have done the same thing, this is exactly what happens when you roll craps.


  1. i've done many flight in icing in the 208.. some days worse than others. it is a capable aircraft. respect the limits. There is no reason it shouldn't be certified for ice.


  2. I agree, I have had no problems with(as long as I didn't stay in it)ice.You start picking up ice & you get out .. period.
    I know that sometimes that is easier said than done, but if you need to declare an emergency - just do it!
    The controllers is going to be way more helpful when you do ..but this poor dude sounds like he got in way over his head ...