Quest Kodiak

Executive style and comfort come to the rugged Quest Kodiak. The tuboprop Kodiak can carry more than 3500 pounds of useful load into and out of 1200-foot unimproved airfields (no paved runway or airport required). The airplane can cruise at 170 knots over 1000 nautical miles. It can now do all that with air conditioning, weather radar, synthetic vision GPS, TKS flight into known icing protection and leather-clad executive seating for six.

The Quest Kodiak with the executive interior looks like the only way to fly in the bush. I haven't had a chance to fly the Kodiak yet but I'm sure that she handles like a dream. This would be the perfect charter aircraft for a company already using 208's , PC-12's or King Air 90/200's .
Cool airplane and by the way , luv the shades ..

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