Bahamas Flying Procedures

Just a few more caveats to add:
#1-Life Rafts .. You will be flying over some of the most shark infested waters in the world. If you would rather tread water in the unlikely event of a ditching, be my guest ..I'll be in the raft.

#2- Throw out your FAR-AIM. The runway in use will very rarely be dictated by the wind and Bahamian pilots aren't afraid of a tailwind take-off..
No one cares what your N# is, so keep it brief and keep your eyes open.

Chub Cay traffic -Cessna Caravan 10 west of the field-4000 descending- inbound 12 Chub Cay 

#3-Don't talk to much on the radio,  get a vibe for whats going on. Try and listen to the ctaf as far from the field as you can.

#4-No low flying ..Their is nothing worse than listening to the guy calling Miami center begging for flight following , and everyone but Miami can hear him .. 8 thousand and up seems to be the magic number for MOST areas in the Bahamas- In the Exumas I would recommend 10K or higher.

#5- Don't get snippy with the Bahamian controllers around Nassau .. Their are better ways to ingratiate yourself to the natives .. The Bahamians controllers are super cool and will let you do almost anything within reason . Piss them off and they  can   will make your life miserable .

#6-Always File IFR flying into and out of the Bahamas ..It is a million times easier to be on file with Miami and drop it ,then it is to be D/VFR and try to pick one up in the air .. 

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  1. Those tips should come in handy for anyone flying to the Bahamas. However, while having a raft like tip 1 says can be a lifesaver, going below 8,000 feet and listening to random banter on the radio might actually be amusing.