Seaport Airlines Opens New Market

In my mind their is no finer aircraft that could be used in any Essential Air Service market ..period.

Lets go over a few reasons why.
The Cessna 208B is without question the most fuel efficient aircraft compared to other contenders.
The Cessna 208B has no rival with its state of the art avionics suite and radar.
The Cessna 208B is the newest air-frame next to the PC-12 ..
All others like the Beech 1900 or the (God Forbid) Cessna 402 -JUNK ..
Anything bigger makes absolutely  no sense at all ..

The Cessna 208B's Pratt & Whitney PT6A-114A Turbine(jet)engine is in two words-Bullet Proof.

If anyone from any local government with a pending EAS contract would like to tell me why they think the Cessna 208 is inappropriate, please leave a comment ..

CNN Essential Air Service article -Click Here to read more.

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