Young Woman Walks Into Spinning Aircraft Propeller

This one has me scratching my head as I'm sure the local FSDO guys must be doing the same.
Where the hell were the ramp guys and why did the pilot have his passenger disembark with the aircraft engine running?
I hate to be the judge, jury and executioner on this one but the pilots negligence has left a very beautiful woman horribly disfigured. I'm sure he does not feel good about it, but that's no conciliation for the young woman or her mother & father.
Remember what the FAA say's about "Pilot In Command". 
This dude can kiss his Pitts good bye and say hello to a lawsuit .
For all those pilots flying props and especially all my Cessna Caravan brothers and sisters, don't let this happen to you...


  1. That was very unfortunate. However, I am also wondering why the woman would want to go near that spinning propeller.

  2. I think its very easy for someone with no experience being around running aircraft to walk into a spinning prop.
    My question is , why would you let someone get out of a running aircraft???
    In all my years of professional aviation I was always the last one in, and the first one out ..