Alaska Seaplane Crash Caught On Video

Lake Hood-Anchorage, Alaska


  1. I'm mot seaplane pilot but shouldn't he push the yoke bit forward to get the airplane on the step to gain speed? Surely with rear half of the floats under the water the drag must have been huge...

  2. I've got to say ..this one's a head scratcher.

    I think your on to something as it definitely did not want to fly.

    I'm not with the NTSB so please don't hold me to this observation-
    I'm thinking it must have been overloaded, Alaska pax are notorious for wanting to carry everything but the kitchen sink.

    The engine didn't sound like it was winding up .. but that's a tough observation based on the sound from a you tube video.
    If it was overloaded with an aft CG , getting out of the water would have been almost impossible in the distance traveled.

    I'll have to research this one a little more ..